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Our Mission

Mentor Her is a business that supports women through connection. We believe that in order to nurture ambition and drive in women around the world, we need to be inspired and motivated by one another.

Our core values:


At the heart of Mentor Her, we believe in connection- it is the reason for this business. We believe that we can succeed together by helping Her.


When women come together, magical things can happen. By collaborating with ideas and thoughts, we can elevate each other's journeys and rise up together.


Leadership is at the heart of every great team. Our motivation is shaped by our female leaders, who have reached the top of their journeys and decided to reach back and help a woman up behind them.


Keeping faith and staying positive is the most important thing to nurturing ambition and achieving success. By connecting, collaborating and promoting women, we allow them to stay motivated.


We believe that when she is happy- in her career, in her goals, in her daily work and life- she is empowered. Happiness should be at the heart of every workforce and individual goal, creating a better world for everybody.

Our Mission

The Mentor Her mission is to support women across four main categories in their career.


Setting out on her journey, whatever her career, is the biggest step she can take in getting on the road to success. Her journey should begin in an environment that's welcoming and excited about what she can and will contribute. We know that this environment needs to change. In the global workforce of Ireland's largest companies, only 33% of new hires were women. Of the self-employed in Ireland women make up only 22%. With our corporate programme and our 6 week enterprise, Mentor Her is setting out to change these statistics and making something better for women in Ireland.


Across all industries, research shows that women are least likely to elevate their career further. Whether it's for lack of confidence, insecurity or self-doubt, or more extensive issues like unconscious bias or the lack of opportunity for female leaders- women are not progressing in their careers. Evidence includes that, in 2019, women made up 45% of the lowest pay percentile while only making up 26% of the highest pay percentile- a stark observation of the lack of promotion of women into higher paying, leadership and managerial roles. We believe that by connecting with women who are ahead of them on their journey, Mentees can grow to success by gaining the confidence they need to take advantage of every opportunity they are presented.


The path of motherhood is often overlooked for women who pursue a corporate career. With the third category of our programme, we want to encourage women that they can have both. Mentor Her aims to break down the stigma around being a good employee and a good mother to support women in all of their choices. According to a YouGov poll carried out in 17 countries in 2020, UK results demonstrate that: 59% of women perceived that they did not have the ability to reach the top of their profession while being a "good" parent.


Across all industries, research shows that women are least likely to pursue leadership and managerial positions.

We need to get to heart of these issues to show women that they can pursue executive roles and that there is opportunity available to them to become a leader. The statistics shows that only 28% of people in leadership positions are women and this statistics really needs to change.

Download our corporate proposal here.


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