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Mentor Her matches female Mentors and Mentees in entrepreneurship, careers and self-development.

Highly recommended for

career and business

Welcome to Mentor Her, the program that connects women who need help with women who want to give it

If you're interested in becoming a Mentor, thank you in advance for wanting to share you skills and knowledge with someone who could use your help. 

With Mentor Her, we will match you with a woman who is perfect for you with information provided on your application, Matching research and occasionally from a follow up call. We  ask you to give up one hour every week for the course of 6 weeks to help Her succeed. 

There is no formal training with this program, but we'll send you information every week to help you and your Mentee get the most out of your partnership. You can choose whether you prefer to mentor in person, over the phone or with Zoom, or you can choose to do all three. Our team of experts act as an intermediary to provide information and support.

Mentoring begins on the 13th of March and ends 6 weeks later. 

This is an unpaid Mentor program, but we have a range of options to say thank you to our Mentors. These including free advertising opportunities for you or your business, complimentary tickets and exclusive Mentor only diners and lunches.

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On our self-development program we match Mentees who want to improve their general goal setting, accountability and managing a personal and professional life with Mentors in the life coaching spheres. 

Whether you need a bit of coaching, developing your goals or making a plan to manage your day-to-day, this is the course for you!


We're connecting Mentors with Mentees who are in employment and who are seeking to elevate their career by growing and learning more in their current position or moving up the corporate ladder to roles in management and leadership.

We also have a sub category to help support women who are seeking to pursue a career and raise a family at the same time. We will connect these women with like-minded Mentors who have already been on this journey themselves. 


We're connecting Mentors with Mentees who are or would like to be running their own business. This category is divided into two groups: 

  • Those who are just starting their new business journey 

  • Those who have already established a business and are turning more than €40k in one year.

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Mentors and Mentors meet for one hour every week at a time that suits both of them, via phone, Zoom or in person.


We host expert workshops, Q&As and conversations with the leading coaches, women in business and corporate spheres.


Every week on our six week program we email you PDF workbooks to help you get ahead in your career.


Upcoming events including coffee mornings, exclusive lunches, and small group dinners are slowly being phased in post Covid-19.


Every fortnight, we host exclusive networking calls for ambitious Mentees and Mentors to meet one another on Zoom.


Join a community of like-minded women through a Facebook group, exclusive Whatsapp groups for Mentees and Mentors and much more.

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To be a Mentor, we're looking for women who have succeeded in their fields. Whether that's through freelancing, climbing the corporate ladder, leading a team or starting their own business. We're looking for women involved or with experience in the above categories. If you can't find a way to fit in to the above, please contact us as we may have other opportunities available.

Generally speaking, if you feel you have tips to share and you want to share them, you're perfect!

We want to ensure you get the most out of this program, too. We understand that your time is precious so we give you a range of options when becoming a Mentor so that your time is not wasted. This includes how you would prefer to communicate (via phone, email or in person) and what type of Mentee you would like. When we provide your Mentee Shortlist, it will be a handpicked selection of women who we think you'll enjoy being in communication with.


Apply to be a Mentor online. We ask you to give up one hour every week to Mentor a woman who needs help in getting to the next step in her career. 


On the program start date, we'll send you your curated Mentee Match based on the criteria included in your application and biography. Our Matching is 99% successful, and you get the opportunity to review your Match before connecting.


You'll have all the information to make contact with your Mentee. In your original application you can choose whether you would like to communicate via phone, email or in person.


There is no formal programming with Mentor Her, but we will send you both information every week to stimulate conversation. We'll also be on call throughout your six weeks, and available to answer any questions you might have.


We hope that you'll leave the program feeling happy and inspired by your experience with Mentor Her. Our main aim is to connect like-minded people so that they can keep in touch throughout their journeys.

Mentor Perks


By signing up to be a Mentor, you and your business have the opportunity to get rewards and opportunities to market your business to our Mentees and beyond.


  • Share your story on HERstory. Inspire our Mentees by sharing your experience, tips and tricks in our public feature conducted via email or over the phone and shared online.

  • Exclusive access to our network and community of other successful women, free access to our workshops and fortnightly Zoom calls.

  • Private, small dinner events for Mentors- join us in Dublin and London in 2023 and meet other successful women in business.

  • Event speaker spots. A free opportunity to speak at our events, engage our Mentees and promote your business, story or yourself.

  • Feature in an Instagram post about you or your business.


Mentors will also be invited to join complimentary events, tours and experiences as a thank you for joining the program, both during the 6 week program and thereafter.

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