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Wherever you are in your career or business journey, if you're looking for advice, a soundboard, an answer to a question or someone who understands where you are (and where you're going) a Mentor is the best way to help you get ahead.

Mentors are people who share your ambition, and are further down the line of getting where they want to be. If you're ambitious, determined and looking for inspiration, Mentor Her is the platform for you. 

Open Programs

Our popular six-week program is a worldwide initiative focused on helping women move up the career or business ladder.

Six-Week Program

Whether you're pursuing a career or want to change lanes, starting a business or growing your company to new markets- our intensive six-week program matches you with a Mentor to help you achieve your goals on set dates throughout the year.

Get a Mentor at any time

Available to join at any time, book a once-off Mentor call, or join a three or six-month program. For women who want to make big changes to their career or business, like moving into a leadership role or doubling their company revenue.









Not sure what you need?

Experts in


On our mentorship programs, you'll get hand-matched with a Mentor for a one to one meeting either once a week, or once a month.  We have a 98% effective rate with all our Matches and we verify every Mentor that comes onto our program. For the 2% that doesn't work out, Mentor Her can re-match you with a new Mentor within 48 hours. We've matched over 3,000 women on our programs and helped hundreds of business begin, and careers bloom. Join us and be part of our movement.

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"Amazing Material"

As part of every mentorship program, we send you and your Mentor material to help you gain industry insights and to help structure the conversation. Every week or month, you'll get a new topic to focus on, with fun worksheets and exercises that can help you better focus on your career or business. These topics are available across a range of industries and our Mentees tell us they've used this material for years to come after finishing our programs!

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A Supportive Community 

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We have a community of over 5,000 people ready to help you on your journey to success. Alongside one hour a week with your Mentor, you get access to our bi-weekly networking calls with other ambitious women, journalists and referral network alongside free access to workshops online and in-person events around the world. We do everything we can to help you get to the next level, whether that means posting about you on social media, referring you to decision makers or advocating for you online.

Workshops & Events

Join workshops on our programs where we explore topics related to your personal and professional development so that you can thrive in your career and business. Join events around the world with our partners and meet women from all walks of life over small get together dinners, mixers in the world's capitals, and themed events like paint and proseccos, and much, much more!

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Need more information?

Book a call-back with Mentor Her founder Katie Doyle to discuss your Mentee application and find out which plan is best for you!

What is a Mentee?

A Mentee is anybody that needs help with their career, their business or their self-development. To become a Mentee, all you need to be is someone who knows where they want to go, a Mentor will help you get there. Time-keeping, good at asking questions and taking advice is also great to have!

What can a Mentor help with?

A Mentor is a soundboard, a treasure trove of knowledge, a supporter and a champion, an advocate and a believer of who you are and where you're going.

Popular Topics

Here are just a few topics a Mentor can help you with for your career, business or self-development on top of accountability and communication skills:

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What can a Mentor Help with.png


Does your employer offer a learning and development budget?

Connect us with your employer by emailing and we can set up direct payment with your employer. If you're a student or can't afford our fees, see our scholarships here

  • 1 X Mentorship Session

    Book in at any time, choose from our available Mentors or have Mentor Her reach out on your behalf
    • 1 hour session with a Mentor for your career or business
    • Access to 3 networking calls
    • Access to 3 live workshops
  • Most popular

    6-week Mentorship

    Get a hand-matched Mentor on our next 6-week program
    Valid for 6 months
    • Your connection with your Mentor
    • One hour with your Mentor every week
    • Weekly workbooks on how to succeed
    • Tickets to all program workshops
    • Invite to networking events
    • Access to our community online
    • Mentor Her Support
  • 3-month Mentorship

    Get a hand-matched Mentor at any time and start growing your career or business
    Valid for 3 months
    • Choose a Mentor or get matched by Mentor Her
    • One hour with your Mentor every month
    • 3 workbooks on how to succeed in your career/business
    • Tickets to all program workshops in 6 month period
    • Invite to networking events in 6 month period
    • Full Mentor Her team support
    • Monthly check ins with Mentor Her team members
  • 6-month Mentorship

    Every month
    Get an executive Mentor for six months
    Valid for 6 months
    • Choose a Mentor or get matched by Mentor Her
    • 1 hour a month with a Mentor in your industry
    • 6 workbooks on how to succeed in your career/business
    • Tickets to all program workshops in 6 month period
    • Invite to online networking in 6 month period
    • Access to community online
    • Monthly check ins with Mentor Her team
    • Full Mentor Her team support
    • 1:1 personal branding coach session

Join Worldwide Events

Join free events worldwide as we partner with organisations to bring you the best in prosecco and painting, networking, activities and more!

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