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Who are we?

Mentor Her is a worldwide platform, connecting female Mentors and Mentees around the world to excel careers, launch and grow businesses, help mothers find their balance and help all women feel better about who they are and where they're going.

Read our story below, and let us know if you need us to help you in any way. We are always open to hear about new ideas, collaborations and partnerships- if we can help you or your business we will give it our best try!

Learn more about Mentor Her, how we started and how it's going...

How we started and where we are


We were founded during the pandemic


When we launched the Mentor Her six-week program


When we transitioned from an Irish only company to a global program


Continuing our journey with new updates and features into 2024

Our Partners

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Our 2022 partners: Intertrade Ireland

InterTradeIreland helps SMEs across Ireland by offering practical cross-border business funding, intelligence and contacts.

Local Enterprise Office

Our 2023 partners: Dublin City LEO

Promoting entrepreneurship, fostering sustainable  start-ups and developing existing micro and small businesses to drive job creation.

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Our 2024 partners

Join us in becoming one of many partners committed to supporting women through connection in 2024.


Meet Katie (Doyle), the founder of Mentor Her. She battles against keeping a low profile and building an empire.

Katie started Mentor Her during the pandemic. When she was young, with only an English with Film degree in hand, she travelled the world working in places from Amsterdam to Japan. Then, she began her first business (a travel agency) which she left behind in the pandemic. Katie knew what it was like to struggle in business and always needed a Mentor. During the pandemic, she felt she had a lot to share from building a business with no experience to 6-figures and wanted to be a Mentor. But either way- she couldn't find a platform to become or get a Mentor, so she started this platform that has transformed into a worldwide project.

Katie enjoys drinking wine, travelling, hearing about other people's stories and helping anybody where she can although she's a stickler for asking for help herself. She's 29 and she's also a world-leader in Candy Crush, but we're not allowed talk about that in the office.

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Women who have taken part so far.


New businesses launched so far.

Women who got a new job through our program.



Hours of Mentoring has taken place.

Watch Katie
explain our 

Watch our video from 2021 when our founder Katie explained the mission behind Mentor Her...


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Join us on our journey to female empowerment, whether that's by working with us as a Mentor on our panel, hosting a workshop for our community or collaborating with us for events, online campaigns and much, much more. The opportunities are endless. 

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