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Five year plans might sound scary but they don't have to be! 


Planning ahead is about getting ready for your future, setting goals and being inspired and motivated to move forward.


In this 17-page PDF, mobile friendly document we'll tell you how to get motivated for the future by realizing your dream goals, understanding your motivation to achieve them and how to break that long-term goal down into easy achievable steps.


Starting by imagining the future, we'll look at who you want to be and what your inspiration is. Then we'll look at how to break down this big goal into yearly milestones. Following that, we'll look at the smaller steps you can take to move toward your dream goal- starting today! 


Also included in this PDF is a printable five year and one year planner, directions on how to create a moodboard and 5 Canva templates for you to design with your own inspiration and imagery that you can print and hang on your bedroom wall or in your kitchen!

Your Five-Year Plan

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    • You're feeling a bit lost and helpless in your career or business


    • You don't want to be overwhelmed thinking about the future



    • You need to re-evaluate what inspires and motivates you


    • You crave easy steps that get you moving forward


  • You'll get a full breakdown on how to write a five year plan, how to identify your dream goals, how to break this big goal into yearly milestones and how to break yearly milestones into smaller steps. 


    Also included is a printable five-year and one-year planner AND 5 Canva templates that you can design on your own to print and hang in your bedroom or kitchen!

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