give your employees
the gift of growth in 2022

Whether it's working from home, an unstable market position or that ever lingering sense of dread- your female employees are probably not where they thought they would be two years ago. But that can all change with your help in 2022. 

For just €149 you can enroll your female employees in Mentor Her's six week program, connecting them with a Mentor who understands your Mentee's career position. This hand-matched Mentor can present her the opportunity of connection, the chance to meet a woman who knows what she’s going through, who followed a similar journey to hers and can help her move upwards.

For just €149, you can give her the gift of community. A community of other women who need to reignite their ambition, to nurture the flame of passion within themselves and join forces to advance.

You can give her the gift of self-reflection. The realignment of values, the acquirement of balance, the deep breath of acknowledgment that there is a plan in place.

secure a mentee spot. 
program beginning JAN 10TH


If you are gifting this to someone else, like a friend or colleague, you will receive an email with the details to share with Her at a time that suits you. 

If you want to book for more than one employee, please email us at with the following information and we will issue you an e-invoice.

1. How many people would you like to book in to our program?


2. What are their names and email addresses?

3. After purchase, we will need each lady to fill in an application that takes roughly 10 minutes so we can match them with the right Mentor.  Do we have permission to contact them to arrange this?

Thanks for submitting!

Beginning on Monday January 10th 2022, 

Mentees will receive:

  • A connection with a handpicked Mentor (and one hour with them every week).

  • Access to weekly manuals about how to get ahead.

  • Access to Mentee group chat to network online with others in a similar position across all categories and fortnightly Zoom calls.

  • Exclusive access to workshops and seminars online. 

  • Invite to networking event, including a networking launch event (post-Covid 19). 

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