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With access to hundreds of motivational speakers, inspirational career coaches and successful entrepreneurs, Mentor Her is now offering the opportunity to book workshops through our company.

If you're looking for a new way to inspire and motivate your employees, these unique and wonderful workshops can help to build resilience, develop career clarity, boost confidence and balance the personal and professional lifestyle of any of your employees.

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Workshops can be booked and cater to any organisation, big or small, for both male, female and non-binary employees to help them understand themselves better and build a more happier workplace for any employees. Workshops are available online or in person.

2+ workshops are included complimentary in our corporate packages including Sponsoring Employees as Mentees and Internal Mentorship Training. If your organisation is not involved in these programs, workshops are available to book on a stand alone or series basis.

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Here are some of our expert speakers

Lesa Malone

Fiona Brennan

Aoife Gaffney

Jeannette Naughton

Deirdre McGinn

Caroline Murphy

Cliona Byrne

Katie Doyle

Interested in becoming a speaker with Mentor Her? Go to this link to find out more today!

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