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With access to hundreds of motivational speakers, inspirational career coaches and successful entrepreneurs, Mentor Her is now offering the opportunity to book workshops through our company.

If you're looking for a new way to inspire and motivate your employees, these unique and wonderful workshops can help to build resilience, develop career clarity, boost confidence and balance the personal and professional lifestyle of any of your employees.

Workshops can be booked and cater to any organisation, big or small, for both male, female and non-binary employees to help them understand themselves better and build a more happier workplace for any employees.

2+ workshops are included complimentary in our corporate packages including Sponsoring Employees as Mentees and Internal Mentorship Training. If your organisation is not involved in these programs, workshops are available to book on a stand alone or series basis.

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Body Confidence Coach

Cliona is a certified coach, who helps her clients to boost their body image. Based in Paris, she helps individuals become body confident and overcome their hang-ups and insecurities. From helping women feel better about themselves physically and emotionally, Cliona knows what the root-cause is from feeling overwhelmed and gives you ways to solve it.

Visit Cliona's website at:

1-hour workshop


In this new and exciting workshop, Cliona will look closely at how body image can affect confidence, the ways in which we can transform our self talk and how we can all have a healthier relationship with how we view ourselves and our bodies.

1-hour workshop


Whether you want to inspire employees to take on bigger and better responsibilities, inspire them to pursue leadership roles or help them balance motherhood- Cliona will take them through a step-by-step process on how to achieve their confidence goals.

Jeannete Naughton 1.jpg.png


Founder of Prospero Coaching

Having worked in the consulting and coaching world for 20 years, Jeannette founded Prospero in 2019 with a desire to establish a Business and Executive Coaching Firm that is values-led. Jeannette is passionate about helping people prepare for their next career move or Entrepreneurial adventure. She believes every professional needs to shift their identity to embrace the next step in their career truly. Jeannette is direct but approachable and challenging but supportive. She encourages her clients to step outside their comfort zones to grow in their lives and careers.

Visit Jeanette's website at

1-hour workshop


This workshop has been developed to support individuals as they grow in their life and career. All too often, people are promoted without preparation and find themselves floundering in the first few months of their new role or way outside of their comfort zone in their new business. In this 2-hour workshop, you will go through a process of reflection to gain a deep understanding of who you are right now. What skills, beliefs, values and identity got you here. What behaviours propel you forward in your role, and what can hold you back? A personal gap analysis helps participants to identify that what got them here won’t get them there. The 2nd half of the workshop focuses on the growth opportunities for participants and how to get there. Reviewing the needs to the new opportunity and what areas the participant needs to work on In this part of the program, we explore DISC – The behavioural tool that helps the participants understand themselves and others around them to improve communication and overall effectiveness.

Deirdre McGinn StepUpStepIn


Founder of StepUp, StepIn

Deirdre is the founder of StepUpStepIn. She is a mother, daughter, sister, partner and loving loyal friend. However, as a professional woman, her greatest joy in life is to see all women shine with confidence in both their professional and personal lives. She has spent the last 25 years leading teams and individuals through organisational and transformational change. Her background is in the Technology Industry working at LinkedIn, IBM and Oracle in a range of senior leadership roles.

Visit Deirdre's website at

1-hour workshop


Throughout her career, Deirdre has made conscious efforts to champion those around her, however she observed that the majority of the women she worked with needed extra guidance to help find their voice or overcome their self-limiting beliefs. This passion has now become her purpose and she took the brave decision to leave the high paced corporate world and invest her time in coaching women. She now understands more than ever the need to create successful careers that positively impact them, their teams and the organisation. She draws on her extensive wealth of knowledge and experience from her own career. Building a career you love takes work, and it takes positive intention and strategy. This workshop is designed to empower women to develop actionable strategies to determine a career they love and to improve their confidence to be authentically visible, heard and known. The participants will learn key strategies to build or renew the confidence to flourish and make an impact in the most powerful way in any given situation, be it virtual or in-person.

Tara Elzingre Parene


Founder of Parene

Tara is the founder of Parene. Having pursued an exciting career in retail and recruitment, Tara understands better than most the decisions that parents have to make when it comes to a professional and personal balance. She created Parene to empower parents to Think, Act and Lead without Limits both in their careers and as individuals. Parene's offerings have expanded rapidly due to collaboration and networking and she cannot wait to be a part of someone else’s journey!

Visit Tara's website at:

1-hour workshop


The daily realities of life as a working parent can result in physical & emotional stress as well as exhaustion. In this workshop, your team will explore the triggers that may set them on the road to burnout and set themselves up with healthy habits to thrive at home & in the workplace.

1-hour workshop


In this workshop, take a deep-dive into the psychological and physical transition involved in going back to work after parenthood. Explore best practices to improve the returner experience. Take away practical actions to improve retention and communication, enabling returners to excel in their position.

Mentor Her Katie Doyle.jpg


Founder of Mentor Her

Katie Doyle is the founder of Mentor Her. She is a keynote speaker, entrepreneur and business advocate.


Katie’s background is varied, with a degree in English Literature from UCD, she was once a certified solo-backpacker having worked and travelled all over the world from bartending in Thailand to working as a videographer in Pennsylvania. After coming home from her wild adventures abroad, Katie began her first business- a group travel agency called Capture Travel in Dublin. During her first few years of business, Katie – with no business experience- struggled to make the right decisions in sales and marketing and longed for a Mentor to guide her. She eventually got her first business off the ground at the end of 2019 and things were going exceptionally well, until Covid-19 hit, decimating the travel industry.

Stuck at home, Katie saw that there were women around the world who had decided to use their time during lockdown to begin their own business and she really wanted to help. But she didn’t think it would be suitable to offer herself as a mentor to women she didn’t know personally and she felt disappointed there wasn’t a platform available for her to offer her help and guidance. After all, she had grown her first business from the ground up and she had lots of experience to share in how to help someone avoid the same mistakes she did. That’s where the idea for Mentor Her came from- the worldwide platform took off in September 2020, and runs six week programs five times a year, having already connected hundreds of women, helped launch multiple businesses and grow careers.


The business was a Regional Finalist at the 2021 Intertrade Ireland in the start up category, Katie has been nominated for Image's Tech Businesswoman of the year and she has been featured across Irish press and most recently, a feature in

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