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beginning jan 10th

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Become a Mentee

Join us as a Mentee and interact with a Mentor every week to help forward your career.

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Become a Mentor

Join us as a Mentor and give up one hour per week to help a woman who needs it.

The Program

Welcome to Mentor Her, the program that connects women who need help with women who want to give it

Mentor Her hosts a 6 week program with three ways to join us- as a Mentor, Mentee or as both! 

Mentor Her provides an opportunity for established Mentors to connect with Mentees and we provide information every week to help Mentors and Mentees get the most out of your partnership. 

As part of our next cycle, we will be looking at each application in depth before accepting women to the program. We are looking for committed, goal-orientated women to join us on this journey and want to ensure that the people on this program are excited to take part and grow their career. 

Applications close January 7th.

Applications will be processed on a first-come-first served basis to keep up with demand so please ensure you get your application in early!

We look forward to talking with you soon!

Mentor Her Event

our categories


Join our first ever program featuring our new material for self development. Here we will be matching Mentees who want to improve their general goal setting, accountability and managing a personal and professional life with Mentors in the life coaching spheres. 

Whether you need a bit of coaching, developing your goals or making a plan to manager your day-to-day, this is the course for you!

career + 

We're connecting Mentors with Mentees who are in employment and who are seeking to elevate their career by growing and learning more in their current position or moving up the corporate ladder to roles in management and leadership.

We also have a new category to help support women who are seeking to pursue a career and raise a family at the same time. We will connect these women with like-minded Mentors who have already been on this journey themselves. 

Running a Business

We're connecting Mentors with Mentees who are or would like to be running their own business. This category is divided into two groups: 

  • Those who are just starting their new business journey 

  • Those who have already established a business and are turning more than €40k in one year.

what's included?


Mentors and Mentors meet for one hour every week at a time that suits both of them, via phone, Zoom or in person.


We host expert workshops, Q&As and conversations with the leading coaches, women in business and corporate spheres.


Every week on our six week program we email you PDF workbooks to help you get ahead in your career.


Upcoming events including coffee mornings, exclusive lunches, and small group dinners are slowly being phased in post Covid-19.


Every fortnight, we host exclusive networking calls for ambitious Mentees and Mentors to meet one another on Zoom.


Join a community of like-minded women through a Facebook group, exclusive Whatsapp groups for Mentees and Mentors and muc more.

The Program 

Apply to Mentor Her

Choose your membership type, location and category.

If we feel we need to know more about you and your goals, we'll set up a call to have a short chat.

Once your application is accepted, you will be sent a link to make your payment (for Mentees).

The deadline for confirmation is January 7th 2021.​

Applications close on the 7th of January.

8th january

Mentors Receive Mentee Matches

9th january

Mentees Receive Mentor Confirmation

10th january

Program begins

Every Monday, Mentor Her provides information about how to get ahead in each category on our program and information for both Mentors and Mentees to nurture strong and healthy relationships, questions to ask and more!

Becoming a Mentee

The cost to become a Mentee is €149. 

You will receive:

  • Your connection with your Mentor (and one hour with them every week to discuss your next steps).

  • Access to weekly manuals about how to get ahead in your industry.

  • Access to our Mentee group chat and fortnightly Zoom calls to network online with others in a similar position across all categories. 

  • Exclusive access to our workshops and online seminars.

Becoming a Mentor

You can join our program as a Mentor for free.

You will receive:

  • Your connection with your Mentee.

  • Access to weekly manuals and information about questions to ask and how to encourage a good partnership.

  • Access to our Mentor group chat and fortnightly Zoom calls to network online with others.

  • Exclusive access to our workshops and online seminars.


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