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The importance of mentorship cannot be understated when it comes to ensuring that your employees are happier at work. We believe that by supporting women at an individual level, we can help organisations big and small reach their quotas for female diversity at all levels. We help organisations solve female representation problems which in turn benefits retention rates, inter-company dialogues and more. 


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Partnership Opportunities

Internal Mentorship

Mentor Her is now setting up internal mentorship programs around the world within medium to large companies. On this six-month or twelve-month program, Mentor Her will match male and female leaders with women lower down the company echelon who are looking for career guidance and support.

The program includes Mentor training, monthly material, networking and workshop facilitation with many other benefits for your company. This program also produces real results that can be utilized in ESG, CSR, DEI and gender gap reporting.


As part of our Internal mentorship, and also available to our social enterprise program sponsors, Mentor Her uses training and consultancy to help you narrow the gender gap within organisations. This service is bookable at any time of the year and consists of a half day or full day session. Find out more by booking a call-back.

Sponsor Social Program

Companies that sponsor scholarships on our six-week program help us help women from disadvantaged backgrounds, students and other women who can't afford our program fee of €199 gain access to mentorship. These companies also benfit from advertisements to our 40k social media followers, ability to get involved in showcases and events and receive 15% off programs for any employee seeking external mentorship.

Book an Expert Workshop

Do you need to convey the importance of women at work to your colleagues? Do your employees need a boost or motivation to get through the next few months? Do you want to find out better ways parents can manage their work life balance or inspire more women in your organisation to pursue opportunities internally? 

Mentor Her works with our executive team of four amazing women to help us deliver workshops and talks to companies big and small to inspire, englighten and engage your staff.

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Benefits of our Mentorship Programs

The Importance of Mentorship

When companies demonstrate that they are dedicated to the individual career growth of each of their employees, amazing things happen. Studies have shown that mentorship drastically increases retention rates within organisations, makes employees feel happier at work and encourages ambition and motivation for ideal candidates to move up the ladder and pursue more responsibility within their roles.

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A program that's structured

Unlike informal mentoring opportunities, Mentor Her's structured approach helps expand the knowledge of Mentors and Mentees and makes for a lasting partnership. Every week on our social program, and every month in our internal program, Mentors and Mentees are provided valuable resources to aid in their partnership centered around many different topics depending on what our partner companies, Mentees and Mentors feel the focus should be on.

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Networking & Workshops

As part of our six-week and six-month programs, Mentees and Mentors are invited to join live Q&As online with leading men and women in business alongside workshops on key topics from career resilience, motivational speeches and leadership qualities. All of our program participants get as much out of these workshops as they do from their Mentor match. Alongside this, participants are invited to network with each other on Zoom calls held throughout the year alongside 4 in-person events in Dublin and London.

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Real Results

At the end of every program, Mentor Her provides real results to companies to show the affects that mentorship has in improving employee satisfaction. On our internal program, we demonstrate the change in mindset, outlook and overall happiness rate of employees and gather testimonials from Mentors. These results are favoured in annual reports from Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Social Governance reports that also show your customers that you are committed to gender balance.

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