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Want to join our next six week program as a Mentee or Mentor? Find out more by visiting our "Six-Week Program" page.

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for companies
& organisations

Partner with Mentor Her on a corporate level and empower your female employees inside or outside your organisation. 

You can choose from three options: 

1. Sponsor your employees on our six-week program

2. Sponsor other women on our six-week program. 

3. Host an internal corporate program within your organisation to champion female talent already there.

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Sponsor your Employees

Your employees will get the opportunity to get a Mentor outside of your organisation, chosen specifically for them based on their career trajectory in their industry or profession. Your employees will get full access to our weekly material, live workshops, in-person events and much more. 

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Some women on our program want to join and get a Mentor but find themselves at a disadvantage financially- whether it's because of lack of funds as they figure out their next career move or being too early in their own business to afford our €199 price for our program. If your corporation wants to help.

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Host a program

For the organisations that have shown they are dedicated to diversity and inclusion in their leadership: we have compiled a program to help your current leaders inspire the next generation to move up the ranks and develop your company further.


for organisations that are
dedicated to female leadership

For our internal corporate program, hosted by our team with women in your organisation.

Mentor Her exclusively works with organisations that have already shown they care and champion women in leadership, senior leadership and board positions across their company structure.

We utilize the results you have already achieved to help more women get to the next stage of their career by matching your female leadership members with women lower down in your company echelons to help make your workplace more inclusive, respective and inspiring for all women who come through your doors to work everyday.

Our program is proven to not only make people feel happier at work but also to encourage the next cohort of female leaders to assume the responsibility and confidence it takes to move into leadership positions. By focusing on the individual: your leadership, employees and customers all benefit from having more women at the table.


for individuals

Join us on our journey to female empowerment, whether that's by working with us as a Mentor on our panel, hosting a workshop for our community or collaborating with us for events, online campaigns and much, much more. The opportunities are endless. 

Email for non-Mentor related requests.

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join our mentor panel

Join our next Mentor panel and help a woman on our six week program that we run five times a year. Give up one hour every week to help Her get ahead and benefit from a range of exclusive events and networking just for our fabulous Mentors!

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host a workshop

Do you have a topic of interest that you're passionate to speak on? We have a big community that wants to hear you talk! Just download this form and send it back to and we will be in touch

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with us

We are always on the lookout for new women, companies and groups to work with to enhance our message for women everywhere. If you have an idea, we want to hear from you