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Mentor Her matches female Mentors and Mentees in entrepreneurship, corporate careers and self-development on our social enterprise program with a mission to close the gender gap and empower women around the world.

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These organisations are dedicated to helping their own employees or women from disadvantaged backgrounds on our programs that help women succeed in corporate careers and entrepreneurship.

The importance of mentorship cannot be overstated when it comes to ensuring that your employees are happier at work. We believe that by supporting women at an individual level, we can help organisations big and small reach their quotas for female diversity at all levels. We help organisations utilize the talent they already have within their companies to support them in pursuing bigger opportunities.

Whether you want to expand on your current mentorship program or want to offer something new to your employees: Mentor Her can help. Our team of experts and our executive team can help you achieve gender diversity that serves to augment your company's success.


See below, or email us at to get our full proposal or book a call back today. 

Here's three ways we can work together:

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Become a sponsor on our 6-week program


Companies and organisations can sponsor scholarships on our six-week program and help us help women from disadvantaged backgrounds, students and other women who can't afford our program fee of €199 for six weeks.

Your company can benefit from advertisements to our 18k+ followers across LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter alongside placements in our monthly newsletter and online showcase. 

By sponsoring women on our program, you allow us to reach even more women around the world and help their business and career thrive, alongside narrowing the gender gap in employment and self-employment statistics. Sponsorship starts from as little as €200 ex VAT.

Get External Mentorship for your Employees


If you're looking for a new way to support your employees to give them the support they need to pursue opportunities or take on more responsibility, mentorship is the perfect solution.

On our tailored programs, we match individual women with hand-matched Mentors to help them succeed with focused topics on career augmentation, confidence, public speaking, team management, delegation and much, much more. 

There are two ways to gift mentorship to your employees:

First, you can choose to sponsor your employees on our six week program, that is online and begins on pre-scheduled dates, where they will receive a Mentor to meet for once a week for six weeks, supported by weekly material, workshops and networking. The price for this is €199 per employee ex VAT.  

Secondly, you can sponsor your employees on our six month mentorship program where we combine coaching and mentoring. We match them with two women, who they meet individually once a month. One is a female Mentor in their field to give them career advice and support and the other is a certified coach to work on their personal development . This program is also fully supported with monthly material, workshop and networking access.

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Set up your own Mentorship Program


Companies and organisations can now set up their own mentorship program for their employees, future hires, club members and delegates fully hosted by Mentor Her. You can choose the length of the program, program topics and themes, and Mentors from inside and outside your organisation. Past participants include LinkedIn.

If you choose women from outside or your organisation (i.e. post graduate students to meet with women in your company to find out more about roles and industry culture) Mentor Her will also assist in advertising this program. 

The program includes Mentor training, weekly/monthly material, networking and workshop facilitation with many other benefits for your company by also being seen as a company dedicated to closing the gender gap. 

If you would like to also include men in your programming, as Mentors or Mentees, this can be easily accommodated by our sister company, Mentor All. 

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