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The imposter syndrome is real and if you're a woman at work, it's more than likely affecting you.


In this downloadable and printable PDF, we explore the imposter syndrome in all of its manifestations, providing real solutions to overcome it.


Included in this PDF is a breakdown of all the different types of people the imposter syndrome is most likely to affect and why that's generally women. We'll explore the different types of imposter syndrome personas, as identified by Dr. Valeria Young. We'll identify the different ways the imposter syndrome can manifest itself in the day to day before providing real solutions to overcome it. Also included in this workshop is a full breakdown of ways you can become more confident in your day to day. 

Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome

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    • You feel like you're burning out in your career


    • You know you lack confidence but you're not sure why


    • You want to learn more about the imposter syndrome in general


    • You want some implementable tips and tricks to gain confidence
  • This 25-page PDF covers all the elements on the Imposter syndrome that you'll be interested in learning. From the types of people it's most likely to affect, the literature on the subject and most importantly how to overcome it! This downloadable is filled with tips and tricks to gain confidence and move forward to feel better in yourself. 

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