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Supporting Women
Through Connection

Join the most highly-rated career and business mentorship program for women around the world. Find connections, support and mentorship on our new platform.

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Choose a Program

Join us on our social enterprise program, get a Mentor or become a Mentor, find out more about Mentor training and scholarships.


Our new mentorship programs give you the chance to get a Mentor whenever you need.  You can join at a time that suits you, online and from anywhere in the world. You can choose between a once-off mentorship call, a three month or six-month package.

Mentor Her acts as connector between high level people in business and you, finding the perfect match to help you grow. You can choose from a range of topics to focus on, from starting a career to becoming a leader, product businesses or consultancies, social media or scaling markets. The time in investment is 1-2 hours a month for six months. 

This combined learning opportunity, gives you the chance to learn from leading experts on building your career, developing your personal brand, starting a business, developing your social media content, balancing motherhood and much more. 

The best bit is you can start at any time!

Our Partners

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Local Enterprise Office

See our full list of partners on our partnership page.

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For Mentees, Mentorship you can rely on

Get a Mentor to help your career flourish or your business grow, we have thousands of Mentors on hand to help you with accountability, future planning, CV and interview development, sales development, social media marketing, confidence, presentation skills and much, much more.

For Mentors, programs to inspire and connect

There's a reason our mentorship program has worked so well to date. Our Mentees and Mentors can enjoy programs that are structured with weekly or monthly material and supported by a community of equally ambitious people. Mentors join us from all around the world to help women thrive in their careers and get a sense of where their journey might lead them. 

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For organisations, closing the gender gap...

Do you want to bring a new mentorship program to your employees or re-vamp your current offering? Mentorship is key to helping employees succeed and can also be extremely benifical in attracting and nurturing new talent to your organisation. 

There are a few ways that your company and organisation can work with Mentor Her, from sponsoring your own employees or other women on our six week program, setting up an internal mentorship program or working with our consultant team to bring better mentorship structure to your human resources/ learning and development team. Get in touch today to find out more about our opportunities.

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Monday September 23rd 2024


Women who have taken part so far.


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Women who got a new job through our program.



Hours of Mentoring has taken place.

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Our past Mentors have included female founders across a variety of industries, freelancers, and executives from:

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The Mentor Her mission...

Attract more women into skilled jobs

Inspire women to grow their businesses

Make industry 

experts accessible 

Provide expert training to Mentors everywhere

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