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Mentor Her runs our six-week program as a social enterprise, with a small fee for participating that helps us cover our costs of administration of our program. We value the cost of the program in full to be over €1500 but thanks to the support of corporate partners, we're able to offer it to you for just €199. 

But, we know that €199 may be just too much for some women who are struggling- whether you're from a disadvantaged background, or displaced by one of the many turbulent wars at the moment, a mother who can't afford childcare let alone self-development, an entrepreneur who can't afford to risk spending what little is coming into the business or - and we get it, we've been there! 

Since Mentor Her started over a 1/3 of the women on our programs have come on for free and while we grow we want to continue to support women as much as possible. 

So here's how it works. If you choose to pay the monthly or upfront rate- you will 100% be guaranteed a fantastic Mentor, here's our refund policy for more details.

If you want to be part of our scholarships, we make allowances for women around the world and will try and get you a match before our program begins. We use our scholarship space dependent on corporate partnerships and Mentor availability. To take part, just fill in your application and let us know by email and we will let you know the week the program begins if we have a space for you.


We offer a number of free spaces on every program dependent on corporate sponsorship. When you're filling out your Mentee application just tick the box that says "I want to get a scholarship"! If you need to tell us more that you don't want to include in the application, just book a call back with our team!


Does your company want to help us get to 1,000 sponsored Mentees in 2024? There are so many benefits to become a partner with Mentor Her and all your investments go towards strengthening our program and getting Mentees the help they need.

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