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As a certified executive coach, Tara Brevitt helps ambitious current and future female leaders to make quantum leaps in their leadership and enjoy extraordinarily successful lives.

The combination of coaching credentials, 10-years of international project management and leadership experience in the construction industry, and her journey as an entrepreneur, uniquely position Tara to support women leaders worldwide.

Working with Tara, you can expect to say goodbye to imposter syndrome and self-doubt, explode your confidence, get clarity on your purpose, get seen and heard, and surpass your most ambitious goals.

Tara uses her signature GPS to Success framework so you can enjoy a career or business fuelled by passion, led by purpose, and driven by priorities. Helping you to harness your unique leadership style and leverage your personal ‘edge’ will bring authenticity and ease to your leadership journey.

Tara is no stranger to achieving ambitious goals. Her educational and career achievements include a first class honours degree in project management, company graduate of the year award, Women in Construction award nominee, selected to partake in a top-talent leadership programme and successful international assignments in Dubai and Peru, just to name a few.

But Tara also knows what it feels like to struggle with work-life balance, be continually chasing the next promotion, work in a male-dominated industry and exhaust yourself starting a business. Her mission is to help you avoid all that and show you how to ‘have-it-all’ but without the burnout.

Knowing the importance of good quality coaching and mentoring, Tara ensures her services accessible at every level. This includes bespoke one-to-one coaching engagements, transformational group coaching programmes and even a monthly membership option.

Tara is building a strong network of women leaders worldwide, and entering her coaching space guarantees you access this ever-growing pool of opportunity.

If you would like to know more about working with Tara, book a commitment free 45-minute discovery call - email, LinkedIn or book online at

Tara Brevitt

Tara Brevitt

Leadership Coach & Mentor

Tara Brevitt Coaching

Tara Brevitt
Tara Brevitt
Tara Brevitt
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