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Cliona Byrne

Founder of Cliona Byrne Coaching

Cliona is a body confidence coach that helps women overcome their internal boundaries to help them live a more fulfilling life.

About Her

Cliona Byrne is a Body Confidence Coach who helps people from all over the world to accept and love their bodies. She provides one on one coaching for adults, teens, and parents. She's most known for her signature programme Body Positive Parenting where she helps parents to heal from their own body hang-ups so they can be body confident role models for their kids. Alongside working with individual clients, Cliona provides body confidence workshops for small groups, all the way up to large multinationals. She lives in Paris and has successfully set up an international business while living abroad. When she's not working with clients or eating pastry you can usually find her making nudey lady artwork or wagging her chin for an interview.


Available online or in-person

Boost Your Body Image & Confidence Badass - 1 hour long workshops

In Boost Your Confidence workshop, Cliona will look closely at how body image can affect confidence, the ways in which we can transform our self talk and how we can all have a healthier relationship with how we view ourselves and our bodies.
And for those interested in "Confidence Badasses" whether you want to inspire employees to take on bigger and better responsibilities, inspire them to pursue leadership roles or help them balance motherhood- Cliona will take them through a step-by-step process on how to achieve their confidence goals.

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