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Caroline Murphy

Founder of West Cork Eggs

Caroline is a seasoned business owner with great experience in helping women achieve personal and professional success.

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About Her

Caroline is the Manager and Founder of the award winning West Cork Eggs. She has been crowned national Business woman of the Year, she is a Business Mentor and she has 4 kids, a husband and much more. But she wasn't always this person. There has been an incredible journey taken to get here and she has made mistakes, learned by them, realised the power of her mindset and how to shush the naysayers around her and in her head. Caroline encourages women to dream what their ideal business would be like and to aim for this. She helps them to develop a road map to get there and supports them along the way. She always says that Success is not an accident, but it is a Choice. We must CHOOSE Success. She helps women to do this and to achieve it. Caroline would love to help you too!


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