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imagine your career,
in acceleration.

This is going to change everything for you.

accelerate your career with help from a mentor who knows how.

If you're feeling a bit lost, burning out, in need of some guidance, wanting to get your motivation back and get excited about 2022 and where your career is going, then this is the program for you.

As a Mentee, you will receive:

  • Your connection with your Mentor (and one hour with them every week/month to discuss your next steps).

  • Access to weekly/monthly workbooks about how to improve your personal development and nurture your professional goal-setting.

  • Access to our Mentee group chat to network online with others in a similar position across all categories and fortnightly Zoom calls.

  • Exclusive access to our workshops and seminars online. 

  • Invite to our networking events in in Dublin and London. 

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we've got a mentor for you to speak to one-on-one and a community to help you thrive.



A Mentor is a soundboard, a treasure trove of knowledge, a supporter and a champion, an advocate and a believer of who you are and where you're going.

You want to start or grow your career in a specific industry but need insights on how to begin

You're stuck in your current job and don't know how to grow your career

You want to start a business but need help with your business framework and foundations

You want to gain the confidence to move into leadership but you don't know where to start 

You're trying to grow your business but need help with sales and marketing 

You're a mum and you need help managing a work life balance

You're lost and you need guidance



Mentors and Mentees meet for one hour every week at a time that suits both of them, via phone, Zoom or in person.


We host expert workshops, Q&As and conversations with the leading coaches, women in business and corporate spheres.


Every week on our six week program we email you PDF workbooks to help you get ahead in your career.


Upcoming events including coffee mornings, exclusive lunches, and small group dinners are slowly being phased in post Covid-19.


Every fortnight, we host exclusive networking calls for ambitious Mentees and Mentors to meet one another on Zoom.


Join a community of like-minded women through a Facebook group, exclusive Whatsapp groups for Mentees and Mentors and much more.

over €1,000 in value get it for €199

Secure your spot now. Fill in the application form later.

a handpicked mentor for you

Meet one-on-one, once a week to discuss your next steps.

We matched you based on the criteria you include in your application.