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Susana is a senior business management and marketing professional with over 25 years hands-on experience in developing and implementing growth strategies in pharma, technology, distribution and packaging industries. She has held strategic positions in brand management, product development, international marketing and business development at Global Corporations for EMEA markets.

After her position was made redundant at the beginning of the pandemic, Susana and her family moved from The UK to Ireland and setup her own business, Beacon Business Commercial Services, during the second year of the pandemic (April 2021).

Susana is passionate about providing individuals with tools to help them to be the best version of themselves and this is being her drive during her corporate career as well as in her own business.

Her mission is support business owners to achieve their growth results, by consistently driving profitable growth and future proof their business.

Susana also supports Medium Businesses as Interim Marketing Director, provides Pro-Bono support to struggling businesses as well as volunteers at Network Ireland Cork and Cork Nature Network.

Susana is a result orientated leader who pursues excellence in everything she does and energises and inspires others through the standards she sets. She is an adventurer, risk taker and loves collaborating with other likeminded professionals. When not working, Susana loves running, reading and travelling. She is originally from Chile, has lived in Europe for the last 22 years, in Spain, The Netherland and The UK.

Talk to Susana if you feel like stuck in a hamster wheel of busyness and not achieving the results you are looking for. BUSINESS COACHING IS PROVEN TO WORK WHEN THESE TWO FACTORS ARE PRESENT:
1. You or your business are willing to grow
2. There is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Susana Marambio

Susana Marambio

Business Growth Coach and Marketing Consultant

Beacon Business Commercial Services

Susana Marambio
Susana Marambio
Susana Marambio
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