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Become a Mentor to help
others thrive

Become a Mentor and join our movement, connecting women around the world to close the gender gap and support individuals at every stage.

By becoming a Mentor you'll be helping women who are struggling with their career or business gain clarity from your expertise and success. If you're interested in becoming a Mentor, thank you in advance for wanting to share your skills. Choose from becoming a volunteer on our popular six-week program or become a certified Mentor to aid people in your organisation, or for business owners seeking to get paid for mentorship.


Our popular six-week program is a worldwide initiative focused on helping women move up the career or business ladder.


Mentor Her will match you with a Mentee using our 98% effective rate that has matched more than 3,000 women worldwide. We ask that Mentors speak to their Mentee once a week for six-weeks, while we support you with weekly material, workshops, networking calls, online community and in-person events. Our six-week program starts on specific start dates and runs throughout the year.

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Únase al programa de orientación profesional y empresarial para mujeres mejor valorado.

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Become a Certified Mentor

Do you want to level up your mentorship? Whether you're a team leader, a business owner, a coach or consultant becoming a verified Mentor with Mentor Her can help guide more people and attract new talent.

Get Qualified on Mentorship

Join us on Udemy where you'll get access to a crash-course on Mentorship. Go at your own pace on this 1.5 hour long training that will help you become a better Mentor. Includes immersive activities and workbooks, real tips and tricks on how to overcome Mentor challenges alongside resources like Mentorship agreements, Mentee activities and more. You can also get qualified on The History of Women at Work and Women at Work in the West coming Monday, March 4th.

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Become a Paid Mentor

Become a paid Mentor with us and list your services on our new website and mentorship pages launching on March 5th. These new biographies will get you access to paid mentorship opportunities alongside marketing, training, certification and more all included in our Mentor 2024 program.

You can also choose to list your own workshops on our new workshops page coming soon which will be sent and marketed to all of our corporate contacts.

Become a Diamond Leader

Are you an advocate for diversity and women at work? Or maybe a leader seeking to bring more to your employees in the workplace? Become an Executive Diamond Leader with Mentor Her and get access to monthly resources on the changing landscape for women at work, access to training and certifications on women in the workplace and monthly networking calls to support women in your workplace. 

To find out more, book a call-back with Mentor Her founder Katie Doyle

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