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Sinead works with women in business to empower them with the self-belief to achieve their true potential. To step into their power of “I CAN”.

Using powerful and transforming techniques that work, Sinead works with clients to smash their inner critic and fears of doubt. Allowing clients to discover their “Happy Me” and flourish without fear.

Here is what some of Sinead’s clients have to say,

“years of therapy in one session”

“I feel like a superpower”

“I smashed it, my body feels light as a feather”

“a huge permanent shift”

“I feel like a new person”

Sinead is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT™️), Mentor and Trainer.

Sinead Doohan

Sinead Doohan


The Happy Me

Sinead Doohan
Sinead Doohan
Sinead Doohan
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