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When you're setting up a business: you think about your product, your pricing, your logo, your website, your social media, your content, your accounts- the list gets longer and longer as you struggle to remember all the things you have to do just to get started.


Storytelling sounds more like a fantastical ideal, in a world where you have time, than an actual focus of your day-to-day. Later on in your business journey, when you have your customers but you're trying to market to more, storytelling becomes really important to your business success.


In this PDF download you'll find the basics of storytelling. Including how to bring story into your pitch in a succinct way, whether you're pitching your business to clients, in applications, to investors or online via your website or ad copy. 


This material is part of our Week Five material on our Grow your Business program for Mentees and Mentors.


Business Storytelling

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    • You are a small to medium business owner who needs to better understand how to pitch your business 


    • You want journalists to pick up your story


    • You want your brand to be memorable 


    • You need help attracting new customers
  • In this 25-page PDF we'll walk you through how to construct a story and pitch your business, provide four different types of stories that can help you get your message across in a memorable way, with real life examples of amazing storytelling from multinationals to small business!

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