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Are you a business owner that spends most of their time working in the business, leaving limited time left for growing the business and looking after your health and wellness?

Therese O'Connor helps business owners like you learn practical skills and tips to help them maximise their time for both their personal and business health.

Having worked in senior management roles for over 25 years, Therese has been fortunate to have the opportunity to grow, systemize and develop teams in a variety of businesses within the service sector. This led Therese to develop her own mentoring and coaching company in 2020 called Blueprint Solutions. However, she has also seen how business owners reach burn out and neglect their own health in order to grow their business. This in turn has motivated her to try and help business owners find their balance between their personal life and their business and she went in search of a program that fit this need. Fast forward and Therese is now a qualified Health Creations Consultant that focuses on the whole person - mind, body, spirit and environment. In addition to this bringing all her business skills and experience together, Therese has developed the Blueprint Business Wheel Audit which is a quantitative and qualitative health check of your business.

Blueprint Solutions offers the following services to their clients:
- The Blueprint VIP Coaching Program: A one to one 10 step, 6 month program focusing on client's personal and business picture of health.
- Wig Wam: A 10 week online group program focusing on getting clarity for your personal life, career and business. Wig Wam stands for Wonderfully Important Goals, Weekly Accountable Meetings.
- Developing Your Business Strategy Blueprint: A series for three 6 week practical group training workshops aimed at empowering and educating business owners to take action in their business.

Also in 2020, Therese also got the opportunity to fulfill her dream of becoming a best selling author and collaborated with 20 like-minded entrepreneurs on a book about empowerment and both personal and professional growth, call BeLife or Belief.

Therese O Connor

Therese O Connor


Blue Print Solutions

Therese O Connor
Therese O Connor
Therese O Connor
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