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Lesa Malone

Lesa Malone

Founder of Brady Management

Lesa is a leader in Bookkeeping & Payroll Management at senior levels with qualifications to match! She's passionate about helping small businesses and entrepreneurs get to the next level and is perfect for someone needing guidance in these fields.

About Her

Lesa Malone is a seasoned professional with an impressive 20-year proven record in Bookkeeping & Payroll Management at senior levels and qualifications to match. Lesa is a distinguished expert in her field and has assisted numerous small businesses across Ireland in navigating the complexities of business finances. In affiliation with Local Partnerships, she mentors start-up businesses in areas such as bookkeeping, payroll and personal tax and has facilitated training at both Accounting Technicians Ireland (ATI) and the Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CPA). Currently a member of the Irish Payroll Association (IPASS), her engaging teaching style, commitment to client education and practical approach have made her a trusted advisor and mentor guiding many businesses to financial clarity and success.


Bookkeeping Processes for Small Businesses:

Effective bookkeeping is essential for the success and growth of small businesses. This comprehensive workshop is designed to equip entrepreneurs and small business owners with the foundational skills needed to maintain accurate and organised financial records.

The workshop begins with an introduction to bookkeeping principles, highlighting the importance of accurate record-keeping for control, insights, informed decision-making and compliance with regulations.

Through practical examples participants will learn how to set up a simple bookkeeping system, including choosing appropriate apps or software and categorising accounts tailored to their business needs.

Step-by-step instructions and practical steps, demystify the processes of tracking daily transactions, essential bookkeeping tasks, maintaining proper books and records, types of accounts and categorising transactions in the correct manner.

Whether you're a startup owner or looking to streamline your existing bookkeeping practices, this guide provides the tools and knowledge necessary to ensure your business's financial health and sustainability. Empower yourself with the skills to manage your finances confidently and efficiently.

Personal Tax:

Understanding personal tax can be a scary task for employees or small business owners. This workshop is designed to simplify tax obligations and help you manage your business finances with confidence.

This workshop provides a comprehensive overview of personal taxation in Ireland, you will learn about income tax, PRSI, USC, and the various deductions and credits available to you.

Key topics include, understanding your obligations as a small business owner, planning for year-end taxes and avoiding common pitfalls and knowing your entitlements and how to claim them.

Through practical examples and interactive sessions, we will guide you step-by-step, ensuring you leave with actionable knowledge and strategies. Whether you're an employee or entrepreneur this workshop will equip you with the tools to handle your personal taxes effectively and stay compliant with Irish tax regulations.

Empower yourself with the knowledge to manage your taxes confidently and focus on growing your business. Join us and take the stress out of personal taxation.

Form 11 Filing:
Master Your Self-Assessment Tax Return by joining our Form 11 Filing Workshop designed specifically for self-employed individuals, and those with non-PAYE income in Ireland. This workshop will guide you through the process of completing your Form 11 self-assessment tax return with confidence and accuracy.

What You'll Learn:

Understand the purpose of Form 11 and who needs to file it.
Walk through of each section of Form 11, including income, expenses, tax credits, and reliefs.
Tips on organizing and preparing the necessary documentation and information for your return.
Learn about common mistakes to avoid and how to ensure your return is accurate.
Step-by-step guide to filing Form 11 online using the Revenue Online Service (ROS).
Get your specific questions answered by Lesa.

By ensuring you have all the necessary information and documentation, you can complete your Form 11 return accurately and efficiently. Join our workshop to gain a thorough understanding of the process and get expert assistance in preparing your return!

Other services

Aside from workshop bookings, Lesa is available for 1:1 consulting services.

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