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Katie Doyle

Katie Doyle

Founder of Mentor Her

Katie is a Mentorship and Women at Work advocate seeking to help women to grow or launch their businesses.

About Her

Meet Katie (Doyle), the founder of Mentor Her. She battles against keeping a low profile and building an empire.

Katie started Mentor Her during the pandemic. When she was young, with only an English with Film degree in hand, she travelled the world working in places from Amsterdam to Japan. Then, she began her first business (a travel agency) which she left behind in the pandemic. Katie knew what it was like to struggle in business and always needed a Mentor. During the pandemic, she felt she had a lot to share from building a business with no experience to 6-figures and wanted to be a Mentor. But either way- she couldn't find a platform to become or get a Mentor, so she started this platform that has transformed into a worldwide project.

Katie enjoys drinking wine, travelling, hearing about other people's stories and helping anybody where she can although she's a stickler for asking for help herself. She's 29 and she's also a world-leader in Candy Crush, but we're not allowed talk about that in the office.


When women first entered the workforce, they thought they should be more like men in order to get along. As the years have unfolded since the 1960s, the way we have perceived leadership, success, consumer marketing and the
office community has changed drastically. Alongside technology and
industry, the dynamics of women in the workplace have impacted this
change. This talk covers the benefits of women in the workplace, why femininity has long been castigated as a negative attribute and the value it actually brings when it's embraced.

Other services

Aside from booking Katie as a mentor, you might also be interested in checking out her other services which include website design, marketing and press release writing. Find out more about the other ways you can work with Katie on her website.

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