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Aleksandra Marcinkowska

Aleksandra Marcinkowska

Serial Entrepreneur

Aleksandra is a serial entrepreneur and an active Mentor of Network Ireland, supporting individuals to thrive while growing their businesses.

Get mentored by her on a once-off call, on a three-month,
six-month or twelve month program

About Her

Aleksandra is a mentor for Network Ireland and an active member of Dublin Branch. As part of her work she has co-delivered workshops for Prince William and Princess Kate in the UK. She’s an international business owner of 3 limited companies and a non profit organisation SMARTED CHANGE based in Dublin. In business since 1999. She also established an International Business Club for women connecting Polish, Irish and British ladies together. A finalist of Networker of the Year 2023 Network Ireland. EDU SMART TC has been created in the UK in 2006. In 2016, Aleksandra opened a limited company in Ireland and in 2021 another one in Poland. EDU SMART TC in an International Cooperation Consortium specialising in European Union solutions, research, bespoke business support. A certified training and research centre providing bespoke trainings for professionals representing different fields based on their DIALOG of Transformation® operating in Ireland, Poland and United Kingdom. They specialise in networking, bespoke training for professionals representing different professional fields including life long learning process around horeca, youth, art, social services, post-covid support, mental health, ecology, biography and green business. They work with 122 experts across the world to make sure their offer meets every organisation’s needs. Her company values the NGO sector and public sector and have created an international platform connecting Business, III sector (NGO) and public sector. They work closely with internal and external businesses, committees and organizations focused on expanding entrepreneurship and educational resources, scenarios, courses, certified trainings across Europe. Their mission is to educate people to the highest standards, provide bespoke trainings, offer support that make their clients happy.


Aleksandra is available most days of the week and requires a two week notice.

Other services

Aside from booking Aleksandra as your Mentor, check out her companies via her LinkedIn page and hire her as a professional to support your own employees.

Choose from:

Package 1

Once-off Mentorship

Do you need help with a specific problem? Book a once-off mentorship call and get matched (or choose) a Mentor in your space that can help you deal with your current issue. Whether you need career advice, help with your business growth or just a soundboard with an executive coach- get in touch today to find out what we can do for you.

Package 2

3-Month Mentorship

Join a three-month program and start at any time. On this program, you'll get access to a Mentor for once a month for one hour online to help your career or business flourish. Included in this program is access to monthly networking and workshops, alongside our highly-rated material that can help you get to the next level personally and professionally.

Package 3


Join a six-month or twelve month program if you really want to get ahead. On this program, you'll get access to a Mentor to help your career or business grow exponentially in the next twelve months alongside monthly calls and workshops, in-depth material and the choice between a personal branding 1:1 session or a social media audit for your business

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