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helping students to shine.
getting women to the next level.

We're going to match you with a Mentor, and she could change everything.

you're ready to move forward.
she can help.

Here's what you need to know: we will find you a Mentor and you can connect with them for one our every week for six weeks. Our next program begins on September 25th 2023.

This is your chance to either find out more about a specific role (like sales) or an industry (like tech), how to become an entrepreneur, how to become a blogger, how to find a role to begin with or a career that suits you.

It's all up to you: you tell us what you feel you need and we'll match you with a Mentor.

As a Mentee, you will receive:

  • Your connection with your Mentor (and one hour with them every week to discuss your next steps).

  • Access to weekly workbooks about how to improve your personal development and nurture your professional goal-setting.

  • Access to our Mentee group chat to network online with others in a similar position across all categories and fortnightly Zoom calls.

  • Exclusive access to our workshops and seminars online. 

  • Invite to our networking events in person.

What's the catch?

There is one.

The Mentees who pay our program (€199) are given priority for Mentor Matching as they keep our program running, and cover the cost of our staff, support, material and workshops so we can expand to more women around the world. 

If you join us as a Mentee at our 50% discounted student rate of €99, you will be treated like a full-paying Mentee and will be prioritized for matching. If you can't afford it and would like to join as a Mentee for free, we choose a limited number from our wait-list to come on board when Mentors become available and when we feel it's a good match. (It's happened a lot so far, and we've had great results from young women who join us in this way!)

Sounds fair? We look forward to having you join us!

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Secure your spot today.

If you don't like your Mentor or feel it's a good match

within the first two weeks, you'll be refunded in full.

Make sure to check "I'm a student" box on the application page.

we've got a mentor for you to speak to one-on-one and a community to help you thrive.

Please note, Mentor Her only operates our program for women above the age of 18 at the time of mentoring.



Mentors and Mentees meet for one hour every week at a time that suits both of them, via phone, Zoom or in person.


We host expert workshops, Q&As and conversations with the leading coaches, women in business and corporate spheres.


Every week on our six week program we email you PDF workbooks to help you get ahead in your career.


Upcoming events including coffee mornings, exclusive lunches, and small group dinners are slowly being phased in post Covid-19.


Every fortnight, we host exclusive networking calls for ambitious Mentees and Mentors to meet one another on Zoom.


Join a community of like-minded women through a Facebook group, exclusive Whatsapp groups for Mentees and Mentors and much more.

Secure your spot now. Fill in the application form later.

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a handpicked mentor for you

Meet one-on-one, once a week to discuss your next steps.

We matched you based on the criteria you include in your application.

choose from:

In your application form, you can choose from the following topics- if you're not sure don't worry, we'll help you decide from the information in your application form. We're here to help.


Learn from a Mentor about how their career began and how to get into a certain industry (like tech, finance, accounting, engineering etc.) or obtain a role like sales, human resources, marketing or event management. 


Have you dreamed of running your own business- from starting out as a freelancer like having a blog or writing a book, to having fully fledged service or product-based business that are trading online or in person: we have hundreds of Mentors who have become successful entrepreneurs in fashion, retail, technology, 


If you're not really sure where your professional life is going but could benefit from a bit of accountability, motivation and inspiration, creating a plan of action and a routine to pursue it: we have wonderful life coaches who join our program as a Mentors and can guide you to the next step.


Apply to be a Mentee online.  Fill in your details about who you are now and who you want to be in the future and let us know what kind of help you need! We match you with a Mentor based on this application.


Once you are accepted on the program, we will send you a link to pay your fee and confirm your application in full. We match our Mentees on a first-come-first-served basis so it's imperative you do this as soon as possible.


We will match you with a Mentor on the first day of the program. Before we put you in contact, you have the opportunity to review your Match. Our Matching is 99% effective and if you want another Mentor- we will be able to rematch you. 


You meet up with your Mentor for one hour every week via Zoom, phone or in person at a time that suits you both. There is no formal programming but we do send you both information every week to stimulate conversation. We'll also be on call throughout your six weeks, and available to answer any questions you might have.


We hope that you'll leave the program feeling happy and inspired by your experience with Mentor Her. Our main aim is to connect like-minded people so that they can keep in touch throughout their journeys.


"I took part in the programme in January 2021 and it has been life changing. My mentor was excellent and the structure / community support of the programme really helped me to move forward with my plans for my own business. I would highly recommend to anyone in the corporate world or anyone considering starting out on their own!" - Laura, Corporate Executive

"An amazing opportunity to be connected to a professional in a field to help your ideas come into life! I was very lucky to work with exceptionally Supportive and encouraging mentor. Couldn't recommend enough." - Liz, small business owner

"I really enjoyed the experience. So much comprehensive information provided and so much knowledge gained from an inspirational group of women. I was both a Mentor and Mentee and found it a valuable experience." - Michelle, Life Coach

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