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Help us support women through connection

Mentor Her is an Irish company with a worldwide platform connecting female Mentors and Mentees across hundreds of industries, in entrepreneurship, corporate careers and self-development. This six week program is far more than just a mentorship program. It's a chance for her to gain a fresh connection and a new perspective about her career and where it's going in her industry. It's an opportunity to join a community of women in a safe space where she can discuss topics that are exclusively related to women's health. It's a program designed around career acceleration, with the added bonus of weekly material to structure the conversation. It's access to an online cache of motivational Q&As and workshops alongside invitations to in-person events to inspire and connect with other ambitious women.


On the Mentor Her program, Mentees are matched with a Mentor in their industry or profession. If you have female executives that are willing to donate some of their time (6 hours over the course of 6 weeks) as Mentors, we can add an extra button on our application forms: "Match with someone in my company". Otherwise, women will get a highly skilled Mentor that has worked in their profession or industry, or a coach that has the skills to guide Mentees through leadership, career acceleration, branding and much, much more- depending on the Mentee's needs.

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The cost of sponsorship for each Mentee is €199 excluding VAT

Mentees who receives sponsorship on our program can join any of our six week programs happening throughout the year, and each will receive: 

✔ Entry to our six week program where they will be carefully matched with a Mentor

✔ One hour a week to work on their career or personal growth with their Mentor online via Zoom

✔ Weekly workbooks to augment their career/business

✔ Invitations to networking calls on Zoom

✔ Access to live Q&As and workshops with special guests

✔ Invitations to a sit-down dinner in Dublin or London

✔ Full support from the Mentor Her community

Your organisation will also receive: 

✔ Your logo featured on our website and program material alongside content inclusions across our social networks

✔ Permission to use Mentor Her logo and name on your own website, recruitment or CSR ​declarations

✔ Tickets for your team to attend our networking events (sponsorship of 5+ Mentees)

✔ Your company branding at Mentor Her events with creative content curated for your brand on video (sponsorship of 10+ Mentees)

✔ A workshop hosted for your organisation run by leading industry experts (sponsorship of 20+ Mentees)

✔ Title branding of a Mentor lunch/dinner in Dublin or London (50+ Mentees)

Choose how many Mentees you would like to sponsor, whether that's staff within your company or women in the local and national community.

If you choose to gift Mentee membership, these spots will be given for free to women who can't afford it from our database and advertised online with "supported by [your company]" included.

Alongside sponsoring a woman to get a Mentor, your organisation will also be included on our website, press releases and social media channels.

Mentees can redeem their voucher by filling out our application online and we will confirm their place with you alongside of these individuals.



A Mentor is a soundboard, a treasure trove of knowledge, a supporter and a champion, an advocate and a believer of who you are and where you're going.

They want to start or grow their career in a specific industry but need insights on how to begin

They feel stuck in their current job and don't know how to grow their career

Women from under-represented backgrounds want to start a business but need help with foundations


Women want to gain the confidence to move into leadership but don't know where to start 


Women are trying to grow their business but need help with sales and marketing 


They are mothers who need help managing a work life balance


Women want to know that their company cares about their career and are willing to invest in them outside of their organization


If you're a business owner, CEO or a kind stranger who wants to support the career of a Mentee, here are some questions you might have about sponsoring women outside of your company.

We are giving your company the opportunity to gift Mentorship to a woman who can't afford it and help her elevate her career or business through this connection.

If you choose to sponsor a woman outside of your company, you can let us know what type of woman you would like to help. Whether that's a sustainability business that wants to champion the career of an advocate for change, a fashion entrepreneur that wants to help a woman's career in design, an actress that wants to help another woman succeed in the industry, a mother who wants to help someone who is struggling with their own work life balance or an individual who wants to help someone from a lower economic background- the opportunities are endless, just let us know.

If you choose to sponsor a Mentee on our program, you don't have to become their Mentor but you can also join us as Mentor on our six week program and mentor her or someone else.

If your business wants to run a competition to award this mentorship opportunity to one of your customers that's great too- we'll give you all the details and graphics for you to post this in your email or social media campaigns. 

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Mentors and Mentees meet for one hour every week at a time that suits both of them, via phone, Zoom or in person.


We host expert workshops, Q&As and conversations with the leading coaches, women in business and corporate spheres.


Every week on our six week program we email PDF workbooks to help women get ahead in their careers.


Upcoming events including coffee mornings, exclusive lunches, and small group dinners.


Every fortnight, we host exclusive networking calls for ambitious Mentees and Mentors to meet one another on Zoom.


Join a community of like-minded women through a Facebook group, exclusive Whatsapp groups for Mentees and Mentors and much more.

A handpicked Mentor for each Mentee

Mentors and Mentees meet one-on-one, once a week on Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, by phone or even in person depending on what suits them best. We have a 98% effective rate across all our Matches, based on criteria included in each application that is confidentially retained by Mentor Her.


In all our categories, we provide weekly workbooks in PDF format to help Mentees and Mentors frame their conversations. It's up to Mentees and Mentors whether they want to follow the material or just chat every week. But here are some ideas of what the Mentor Her material covers: 



Tell us how many Mentees you would like to sponsor on our programs. If you would like to offer places to your staff, we will send you an e-pack to explain our program to them. If you choose to sponsor women from under-privileged backgrounds we will market this offer to women who come to us looking for a Mentor and we'll let you know about who these women are at the end of their six week program. Women can take advantage of your sponsorship on any program happening in the next year.


Your organization logo will be included on our website, social media campaigns and press releases. 

We will be in contact to ask for your company logo and a description of your company for these inclusions. 

You can also utilize the Mentor Her diamond pin, the Mentor Her logo and affirmation of your participation as a sponsor on our programs on your own channels.


If you have female executives within your organisation that would like to join us as Mentors on our program, we would love to have them!

Every Mentor gives up one hour a week on our program for six weeks. We don't pay our Mentors and they don't pay us. Instead, in exchange for their time, we provide them with all the resources on our program for free including invitations to our in person events.


Depending on how many Mentees you sponsor your organization and team can take advantage of added extras like attending our in-person events, having workshops hosted in your organisation from our executive team for all your employees, have your branding featured in our events and much, much more. 

Find out more about this by emailing us at


At the end of the year, we'll send you a report about what your staff or external Mentees achieved on our program.


We'll include these results in blog post inclusions on our website and promotion on our social media channels. 

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