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Join our real conversations, live on Zoom
happening from February 2023.

Here goes everything. For too long, we've seen Mentee applications and received phone calls from women who feel they are failing. They're failing their businesses, not earning enough money, talking postively online and feeling terrible themselves, coping with health problems that nobody wants to discuss- feeling insecure and unfulfilled in their day to day lives. 

We're all about ambitious and inspirational women but sometimes all that motivation can be so overwhelming if you feel like your failing inside. That's why, instead of hearing your best we want to hear your worst. We want to hear about issues you want to see discussed and we'll be talking, debating and having kind conversations on live Zoom sessions in a safe space where we can bring real issues to the forefront.


Our topics are dictated by you. Let us know what you want to tell the world. 

Contribute to our live Conversations

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