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Hi there welcome to Mentor Her's "Self-Development" program. You can find all the details for the course below.

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Week one:


Week One is all about Introductions for the course between you and your Mentor.

The first networking events and workshops take place in Week Two.

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Week three

finding inspiration

This week, we're going to explore what this dream means for you and how to have daily reminders on how to get there. 

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Week four

personal balance

This week, let's find the right personal balance for you to leverage your professional success with a balance that makes you exceed your expectations. Material uploaded Monday @ 1pm

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Week five

professional success

This week, let's identifying the next steps you want to take to move your professional success forward to make you feel better about the day to day.

Events This Week

the basics of storytelling with sally murphy 
tuesday @ 12pm