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Our Corporate Program

Mentor Her provides corporate programming to help support our social enterprise and promote female leadership in your company. 

You can choose from a 6 or 12 month option in which Mentor Her will provide a bespoke program that connects female Mentors (women established in their roles) with female Mentees (women who may just be starting out) in your organisation. 

In the beginning of the program, Mentor Her will match Mentors to the right Mentee through a thorough application process with one-to-one interviews. Mentor Her provides training to your Mentors and you can choose a range of events and workshops to promote female empowerment in your company for all employees to enjoy.

Every month, Mentor Her will produce and provide detailed manuals that get to the core issues your employees may be facing. While they are also encouraged to meet monthly with their Mentor in private.

At the end of the program, we will conduct final interviews where your female employees can privately tell us how they feel about the company, what they felt they learned during the program and the steps, if any, that need to be taken to further improve female awareness in your workplace. These results will also be made available to you so that we can continue to help your company on their journey to female empowerment. 

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The statistics that we must change:

Mentor Her has collected available data for 80 of the 95 companies in Ireland that turned over or on 1 billion euro in 2019. The below statistics are reflected in these companies' global workforce statistics and, for percentages relating to women in wage and pay percentiles (in our "Grow" category), data was collected from UK Wage Gap data for these companies' UK workforce in the past two years. The final statistics (for our "Have" category) were collected from UK data on a YouGov poll taken at the start of 2020.






Of new hires in the past two years were women in the global workforce. 


Our first category is centered around women who are beginning their career but are not currently attracted to the corporate world and the companies within it. Our Mentor Her program will connect female leaders in your company with women who are in universities around Ireland. By engaging women through inspirational and engaging talks and seminars, creating content creation online to attract women to your workforce and matching ambitious women outside of your company with women within it, we hope to attract new female talent to apply for roles within your company.




Of people in the highest pay tier were women while women occupied 45% of the lowest pay level in the UK workforce.


Women across the corporate landscape need to be encouraged to move into leadership and managerial positions. In this category, Mentor Her works with your company to match talent in the early stages of their journey in your enterprise with women who have already grown their career in your company. Program material will include topics such as gaining confidence, addressing the Imposter Syndrome, learning to identify career goals and considering upskilling opportunities alongside interview and networking techniques. 




of people in leadership and managerial positions are women.



Of women perceived that they did not have the ability to reach the top of their profession while being a "good" parent.


This program category addresses the need for more women in leadership roles by identifying women within your company with this ambition and matching them with women who have already obtained leadership positions. Material provided in this category includes identifying opportunities, learning how to be a leader and managing teams, gaining confidence, and understanding their next steps. There is also an option to engage female alumni of your company's workforce as Mentors in this category.


The path of motherhood is often overlooked for women who pursue a corporate career. With the fourth category of our program, we want to encourage women that they can have both. Mentor Her aims to break down the stigma around being a good employee and a good mother to support women in all of their choices. This program that connects two types of women in your company: new mothers or women desiring to start a family with women who are mothers and are raising children alongside pursuing their career. Similarly to our Grow category, women are matched dependent on their position on their journey to have both a successful career and a family. 


Find out more in our full proposal that includes a detailed analysis of our collected data, in depth analysis of the problems prevalent in each category and the details of the Mentor Her program we propose to combat this. 

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The Mentor Her team meets with your board or HR department to assess the company statistics on new female hires, internal promotions, maternity leave and leadership. After this, we will customise our program to suit the needs, outlooks and priorities of your company in one or more of these four categories. Our team will design a Mentor Her program to help you achieve your goals.

Depending on the theme your company chooses to focus on (begin, grow, have, lead), you nominate women who match criteria within your company. Then, Mentor Her prepares interviews with each to match Mentors and Mentees. The Mentor Her matching process is a developed practice that matches women on outcomes of mindset and experience.


Mentor Her will arrange meetings with all nominated Mentors and Mentees. Our team completes 30 minute to one hour long interviews where we pinpoint Mentee goals and Mentor preferences, alongside completing questionnaires on how each person feels within your company and how they can improve their position both inside and outside your enterprise. 

Mentor Her then uses the approved processes and systems, tried and tested in our 6 week program. to match like-minded women with each other. 

Once we put each in contact with one another the program will begin. 

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The Mentor Her program is a supportive, safe and empowering platform that allows women to identify their goals and take a step towards their dream careers. 

Our program includes Mentor Her consultations with our team, a bespoke program aimed to get to heart of your company's goals, an in-depth matching processes and the collection of hard data to demonstrate and show results.


As part of the program, you will also be supporting female entrepreneurs in Ireland. Mentor Her has brought together Ireland's leading professionals to help your company achieve its goals. 

Our team is comprised of:

Katie Doyle (founder), Leisha McGrath (Work and Organisational Psychologist), Sally Murphy (Communications expert), Deirdre McCarron (HR Specialist), Lynsey Hanratty (Empowerment Coach), Aoife O'Brien (Happier at Work expert) and Leonie Corcoran (Positivity Coach).

Find out more by downloading our PDF here


We will teach your Mentors the tools to compassionately understand how to support women in your company. When problems can be easily demonstrated and solutions outlined, your employees will see how your company is dedicated to promoting their individual success. Women who are mentored by other women feel far more empowered in the workplace. With our confidential interviews and conversations with your employees, we will achieve results that may not be as accessible to you as from internal avenues. We believe an empowered woman is a happy one. When your employees are happy in your company, their productivity increases and they'll be excited and motivated to work hard for a company that cares. After the Mentor Her program comes to an end, we will be able to demonstrate the success of the program through our end interviews with your employees and if needed, produce a detailed plan about the ways in which you can continue to promote female empowerment in your company through:

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