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The corporate program changing the way female employees view themselves and each other in your organisation.

You've championed women into leadership positions.

Now it's time to keep them there and inspire others to follow their path.

your company is dedicated to diversity.
your female leaders have
knowledge to share.
we have the program to let them
inspire the next cohort of female leaders.

Mentor Her works exclusively with medium to large multinational companies and organisations who have already championed women to positions of leadership from team leaders and C-Suite to board positions. 

Our corporate program is designed to leverage the results you have already achieved, utilizing your gender diversity in leadership positions to inspire and motivate other women in lower levels to reach to the top. 

On a six-month or twelve-month program, we'll connect the female leaders who have achieved success and high positions in your company with women in the lower echelons of your organisational structure. Pairing Mentors with Mentees, we can guarantee a way forward for your company with the best in female leadership on a program that has clear results and dedicated resources.



Inspire the current or incoming female talent in your company by giving them a Mentor that can help share insights about the best route forward for their careers. Choose from a six or twelve month option, identify the number of women you want to take part and we will hand match Mentors and Mentees who will meet for one hour every month to discuss the Mentee's next steps, supported by an award-winning program. 


Access to our 98% effective Matching rate to match the right female Mentors and Mentees in your organisation. 


As part of the program, your company will also receive two workshops of your choice with award-winning keynote speakers who are experts in their field, speaking on a range of personal and professional issues.


Mentor Her's expert team will complete 2 x group trainings on the best ways to support a Mentee at the start and half-way point of the program.


Your company and program participants will also get the opportunity to collaborate with our community outside of your organisation and can view our live workshops and Q&As, in-person events and much, much more.


Mentor Her provides monthly workbooks on a variety of topics from upskilling to confidence, that can be customized to reflect your company's brand. Alongside our award-winning Mentor prompts to help structure the conversation


After the program, Mentor Her will provide in-depth analysis and a detailed 20-page report to show the benefits of mentorship and suggest new ways your company can improve female representation.

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We have structured our corporate program around our four main beliefs in business, that women need to be encouraged to Begin, supported to Grow, encouraged to Lead and feel that they can Have both a career and family. Our four core pillars are based on research compiled by Mentor Her in 2020 that reviewed 95 multinational companies in Ireland that turned over or on 1 billion euro in our home country in 2019. We found six key results, all suggested that the representation of women at all levels remains significantly low. You can see our full results in our corporate brochure.  

We encourage each corporate program to focus on one key area, based on what your company feels needs to be improved internally for your staff.


This is  for companies who feel they need more highly qualified female talent in their organisation and want to engage prospective employees with mentorship. In this category we work to find your Mentees in colleges, universities and with help from our partner recruitment firms.


This category is for companies who feel that they could do more to support mothers in the workplace and want to make their environment more welcoming for women who are pursuing both a family and a career. In this category, we match successful women in your company (who also happen to be mothers) with women who are moving up the ranks but also desire to pursue motherhood.


Our most popular category, this is for companies who feel they have female talent available but have been unable to correctly entice these women to move up the ranks in their company. By matching them with a Mentor, we hope to inspire this new generation of female leaders to move forward.


Our final category is for companies who feel that they have women in leadership roles who one day could be in board positions and want to engage them more correctly by inspiring them to pursue bigger and better within company echelons. In this category, we can also match you with women who have retired from your company or women who are currently on boards.

Book your program

Get in touch and tell us how many Mentors and Mentees you would like to take part on your mentoring program. Companies often purchase their package first then add on additional Mentors and Mentees if numbers exceed expected. As an online program it is not wholly necessary that Mentees and Mentors live in the same location. 

We have 3 packages available: 

Package 1

(20 Mentees/20 Mentors)

Package 2

(40 Mentees/40 Mentors)

Package 3

(100 Mentees/100 Mentors)

Set-up your program

Mentor Her will speak to your L&D team about what subjects you would like your program to focus on.


Then, we will supply our award-winning material PDF workbooks and Mentor prompts. These can be easily branded and customized to suit your company needs.

We will also schedule 2-4 workshops led by our expert executive team and schdule the first of two Mentor training sessions online or in person.

Start your program

Once you have your selected Mentees and Mentors, a short application is needed by both parties.

Once this is completed, our system will match Mentees and Mentors in 24 hours and you can begin your program straight away. 

Material is provided monthly and you can choose your workshop to be in person or online at a time that suits you and your team.

See real results

By the end of the Mentor Her program, not only will you have Mentors who understand how to mentor in the most effective way, Mentees who feel supported in your  company environment, evergreen material and the Mentor Her stamp of approval- you'll have real data that you can use to champion more women in your company, creating a more inclusive and equitable place for us all.


"I took part in the programme in January 2021 and it has been life changing. My mentor was excellent and the structure / community support of the programme really helped me to move forward with my plans for my own business. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the corporate world or anyone considering starting out on their own!" - Laura, Corporate Executive

"An amazing opportunity to be connected to a professional in a field to help your ideas come into life! I was very lucky to work with an exceptionally supportive and encouraging mentor. Couldn't recommend it enough." - Liz, small business owner

"I really enjoyed the experience. So much comprehensive information provided and so much knowledge gained from an inspirational group of women. I was both a Mentor and Mentee and found it a valuable experience." - Michelle, Life Coach

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