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Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Hi there welcome to Mentor Her's "Climbing the Corporate Ladder" program. You can find all the details for the course below. If you are a business owner or someone pursuing a creative career please email us as we have business and freelancing programs available.

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Week One


Week One is all about Introductions for the course. 

Our Introductory calls are on Monday at 12pm for Mentees and Monday at 2pm for Mentors. 

The first networking events and workshops take place in Week Two.

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Week Two

Your Dream Career

In Week Two, let's figure out where you're going by identifying the elements that are necessary in making up your dream career.

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Week Three

Making a Plan

In Week Three, consider what you need to do in order to get to the next stage in your career and climb the ladder.

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Week Four

Marketing Yourself Online

Looking at your profile on LinkedIn and Twitter so that you can make new and strong connections online.

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Week Five

Your Personal Pitch

Looking at aspects of your personality, experience, style and work ethic that you can use to pitch to possible connections to elevate your position.

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Week Six

The Keys to Confidence

It's the final week of the Mentor Her program! Let's end it on a high note and send you out into the horizon with big dreams and lots of confidence!

Events This Week

Tuesday 18th @ 12 pm
Mentor and Mentee Networking Call

Thursday 20th @ 7pm
Mentee and Mentor Networking Call

Friday 21st @ 1.30pm
Aoife O'Brien
Confronting Your Inner Critic