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Our Campaign: Going Global

We are excited to announce that, to facilitate traffic and applications from women around the world, we are launching a global campaign on Feb 28. 

This will mean that:


1. Our website will change from to 

2. Women can sign up from anywhere in the world to mentor or be a Mentee on our next program beginning April 12th. With the added benefit that you can still choose to be matched with someone in your region. Group chats will also be available for people on the program and for particular regions (i.e. Ireland, America, Europe etc.) 


3. We need to raise money to support this, so we are launching an Indiegogo Campaign on Feb 28 to help us facilitate this move.


Indiegogo is a crowdfunding site that allows people to donate to a cause and receive a perk for their donation. These perks will include: purchasing our new book (see below) and signing up to be a Mentor, a Mentee or both!

Why We're Making this Move

Mentor Her came about as a result of Irish lockdown (number one) in March 2020. We began the company because we could see that women were re-evaluating their careers and starting businesses- but they needed help to get to the next stage. Originally, we thought our first program back in September would coincide with the reopening of the world again. Almost a year later, the situation hasn't changed and women still need help- all over the world. 

In November of last year, we noticed our website traffic began to filter in from all around the world. We have applications from Mentors and Mentees from Dubai to New York, Sydney to Buenos Aires and we want to be able to help everyone, not just our wonderful women in Ireland. 

That's why we've decided to take the next step to allow women from all over the world to join us. To get there, we're launching a global campaign where women around the world can join the program and our supporters can donate to get us to that next level!

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Going Global: Quotes from the Women of Ireland


Contribute to our Book!

As part of our mission to go global, we want to show the women of the world the amazing women of Ireland.  So, we want to showcase quotes, advice and knowledge from us to them!

It doesn't matter who you are or what you do- whether you have joined us before or not- contribute to our collective book of quotes from the women of Ireland. Divided into the four Mentor Her categories, Begin, Grow, Lead and Have- the Mentor Her compilation will feature quotes, advice, tips and life lessons from women around Ireland.

Consider something you have learned in your career, or in life itself. We are accepting quotes up to three sentences long. Tell us who you are and what your title is and upload a photo if you would like your face in our book! 

We’re most excited to hear things specific to your industry- whether you’re a freelancer working as an artist or a performer, a business that operates in a specific industry like coaching, fashion, products or services, or in a corporate career where you have a tip for a career in tech or law, marketing or sales etc. 

Topics to consider:

Chapter One. Begin- beginning your career or your business, setting goals, achieving goals, managing expectations, scheduling and organisation.

Chapter Two. Grow- getting to the next step, avenues to success, creating mindsets, identifying the next steps,

Chapter Three. Have- having a baby and a career, any tips or advice from pregnancy to post-natal care, managing a family and caring for children.

Chapter Four. Lead- managing a team, maintaining success and leadership qualities.

Have a think and submit below! Although this is open for anyone in Ireland to join- we are giving preference to Mentors on any of our program, past or future!


Plan International who are committed to helping young girls living in poverty to reach their full potential. A cause that is close to our hearts!

Example: "If you ask for help, you'll get it"- Katie Doyle, founder of Mentor Her

Upload File

Thanks for submitting! We'll let you know all the updates about the campaign in the coming weeks.

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